Surviving Art Basel 2017


Leaving one of the most epic sets I’ve worked on for Gap with major lead artist Sir John (responsible for Beyonce’s glam), I head straight to the airport to catch a late night flight. Looking around it seems that tons of gallerists, curators, celebrities, and artists are flocking to Miami. 30 minutes after landing, I already find myself at an Art Basel party which means I definitely won’t be getting my 8 hours of sleep tonight.

Design and art-lovers everywhere are journeying to Miami Beach to experience art shows, creative talks, installations, exhibitions, and of course beach-side parties. Might as well throw some makeup work into the mix, because why not? Art Basel has become quite the scene, so how does one do a whirlwind of everything while looking and feeling the best you can?

Nothing cures sleepiness like a high-intensity morning beach workout sponsored by Reebok with Milti and Anastasia Ashley followed by a green juice and avocado toast.


Sweating out Art Basel.


Now off to meetings, work, art gallery, awesome installations, and on to the next party.



Art installation at Faena Beach: The sinking of the Taj Mahal Atlantic City.


We also made some time to spend with our furry friends @RealDiddyKong the cutest monkey brother and sister EVER.


The best party, in my opinion, was later this night at the Moschino Art Basel Party held at Eden Roc with a guest performance by Cardi B and opened by Diplo.

The man, the myth, the legend, I introduce Jeremy Scott. Not only does he design the hottest clothes in the industry but the man knows how to throw a damn good party.


During all the craziness of Art Basel, we were lucky enough to find a sound bath in between parties for a quick breathing and meditation session at Faena Hotel. Ahhh..


Keys For Survival During Art Basel -Ride a scooter. The traffic was awful, if you have a scooter you can jam pack your schedule and get to everywhere you need to be on time. -Rent yourself an apartment on South Beach. It’s so nice to be close to everything going on. -Don’t drink alcohol. I already was exhausted, throw alcohol in the mix and it’s a no go. I can’t afford to do makeup and hop around to galleries and parties with a hangover. -Nap as much as you can. If you do happen to take an uber, use those spare minutes to nap. -Hydrate. I stayed hydrated with green juices and Just Water the entire weekend. -Wear all black or go over the top. People either understate with a chic black outfit or go over the top with limited edition designer everything. Anything in between just looks weird. -Comfy shoes. I rocked my limited edition velvet blue Doc Martens and I was not mad about it. -MUAH by Alexandria lipgloss to complete every look.

A trip to Faena’s Healing house spa is needed after a busy, fun weekend like Art Basel. To read about the Faena spa click here.