Museum Of Ice Cream Part 2 | Miami


Walking into a bubble gum, rainbow sprinkled, luscious pink dreamland, I feel myself having De Je Vu. The museum of ice-cream has returned once again and this time it’s landed in Miami Beach.

The Museum opened the week of Art Basel and welcomed visitors to an Instagram worthy treat. Milti and I had the opportunity to attend the whimsy Grand Opening.


There are 8 rooms in this dreamland. Each room has a different ice cream theme. Ranging from pink walls to milkshakes to banana splits to sugar canes, there are delicious samples in every room. The rooms include:

Bunns Shake is an “homage to a beloved dining institution and a throwback to 1950s Americana.”


Fan-tastic “probes our relationship with heat, movement, and dance,” and was “inspired by Miami’s plethora of multi-cultural artistic influences.” This is a great space for a fun boomerang video.


Safari “beckons you to discover a sugar-filled wilderness complete with exotic treasures and mysterious treats.” This room has a banana swing surrounded by pink palm trees.


Food Fight is a “frozen ice cream shop stuck in time.” You can taste melted ice cream while snapping photos in this whimsical playground.


Sandcastle Dreams “challenges the understanding of adulthood by evoking the childhood memory of playing in the sand.” There is such a strange satisfying joy that comes from playing with sand, especially pink sand.


Sweet Sculptures Studio “challenges you to explore your creativity through flavors, treats, and ice cream delights that are as grand and robust as your imagination.” Think Lego build toys, but life-size.


Pop “is the perfect spot to stop, chill out and enjoy the majestic view. Surrounded by a popsicle-city frozen in time, Pop prompts you to appreciate the moment and reflect on your journey.”


Sprinkle Pool is my favorite room. The feeling of excitement runs through my veins as we jump into a sprinkle pool yet again. How delightful!


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To purchase tickets that are only sold in advance, head over to through January to get yours. Tickets are $38 and worth every penny! You will leave sugar high.