“I want every woman to feel confident and elevated. Beauty isn’t just the face, it’s a vibration and energy that I aim for all my clients to feel.” - Alexandria Gilleo

Alexandria Gilleo has always been captivated and inspired by the beauty that each individual possesses. Her goal is to make her clients look good and feel beautiful, and it is instantly identifiable in her signature makeup style: gorgeous, radiant faces that seem to glow from within. Whether the task is a commercial, advertising, video, interview, press, or print, she will adjust her technique to answer the demands of different lighting set ups, scenarios, and pressure-packed situations. 

Alexandria’s originality and charisma has propelled her through 11 years as an esteemed makeup artist, wellness expert, and beauty and skincare coach. Always on the go, she never gets tired of the excitement of working and being on set. Her aesthetic is clean and her focus is healthy, fresh, radiant skin. She has an eye for detail and strives for makeup to look seamless to meet the client’s vision. Alexandria's devotion, drive, down-to-earth attitude, and creative contributions keeps her clients coming back for more. She is deeply passionate about enlightening others through sharing expert advice and knowledge. 

Alexandria has appeared on the Tyra Banks show, has won several awards for her freelance work, and has raised over $35,000 for charities including St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 

Alexandria has created and assembled a team of highly unique, creative, and experienced hair and makeup artists based in NY and Miami. 

Her work can be seen in Ulta, Sephora, Kohl’s, and Philosophy stores globally, and has been seen on faces including Adriana Lima, Alexander Wang, Charlie Sheen, Camila Coelho, and Paul Rudd, to name a few. 

*Hair available upon request

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Alexandria and her team welcome the opportunity to partner and collaborate with brands, organizations, and movements she loves and aligns with. For information on how to work together please fill out the contact form or email: 

Follow Alexandria at @Alexgill for a peek behind the scenes into life as a global campaign and celebrity makeup artist. 

giving back

Alexandria + her team donates all used mascara wands to Wands For Wildlife, an organization that uses disposable + cleaned mascara wands to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur + feathers of rescued wild animals. By gathering old mascara wands, you can help recycle and save wild life.


A note from Alexandria:

Hi, Friend!

My name is Alexandria Gilleo, I’m a professional makeup artist, content creator, entrepreneur, and beauty coach who supports aspiring creatives in my field. I spend every day learning, educating others, and chasing my visions. My whole life I’ve been an artist. I’ve always been a very visual person and I was never great at school (except English and History, which I Aced, by the way). I was kicked out of high school and forced to go to an alternative school, and then three days into my first week of college, I lied to my parents and dropped out to chase my goals. Sorry Ma’! I always wanted to be outside doing anything that was fun and creative. I have never felt more alive while building my empire and going after my goals.

I first started my Bridal business 12 years ago, as one the youngest makeup artists in the Hudson Valley area at age 18. I booked as many weddings as I could (at least 150 weddings A YEAR) and really developed a great understanding of different skin tones, skin textures, different eye and facial shapes, long-lasting makeup applications, different techniques, hair styling, and creative direction. I mastered the art of covering any blemishes with successfully achieving the “no makeup” makeup look. I also learned the business side of how to run a business. I was booking clients, setting up websites, training assistants, organizing schedules, sending out contracts and invoices, etc. I learned how to hustle, work quickly and efficiently in a very timely manner, work in different lighting scenarios, and pressure packed situations. Sometimes I’ll have to get 11 faces done and look ON POINT in less than 5 hours. Before I knew it, my hustle took me down to The Big Apple. I was surprised how much the bridal experience had paid off. Do you know celebrities and influencers are actually way easier to work with than brides? No shade to my lovely bridal clients and not to brag but it’s really made me grow into a strong artist. I commute (still do) 2-6 hours A DAY (depending on traffic) to NYC and years later, here I am working on some of the biggest beauty campaigns, celebrities, TV networks, commercials, press, advertisements, YOU NAME IT, I’LL DO IT, however, my signature style of makeup is natural, dewy, and fresh. I became obsessed with creating “glass-like” skin complexions. Along with glass-skin, it has become a passion of mine to learn all about skin health and ingredients in our facial products. If I have a CEO or celebrity client that I’m working with often, I want to make sure their skin care routine is on point, so the makeup look I create appears fresh and flawless (and I LOVE a good highlight situation). I developed melasma in recent years and had suffered from acne and psoriasis in the past, SO, I wanted to learn the ins and out of skin care and bridge the gap between beauty and wellness, to learn how to be healthy and keep my skin conditions under control, since (let’s be honest) my skin is my money maker.

Although my job and Instagram may look like fabulous unicorns, roses, and sprinkles, I want to get real with you. Loss was my greatest teacher. I have been broke and broken. I’ve lost a lot of loved ones around me including my best friend and the hero of my life, my father. Some of these losses included people who have been the ones to push me to pursue my dreams and were some of my biggest supporters. After a lot of unexpected losses that occurred in life, I found that makeup and coming back to my art was therapy for me. I had become more myself and more inspired than ever. Sure, I had to re-learn how to be happy, healthy, how to support myself, live with gratitude, love, and forgiveness, but I soon became committed to finding my purpose and raising my vibration. My role in this journey is to to live fiercely and study deeply to share knowledge with others. I want every woman to feel confident and elevated. Beauty isn’t just in the face. It’s a vibration and energy that I aim all my clients to feel.

I believe that beauty and wellness are VERY interconnected. The foods you eat, the thoughts you think, your skin routines, the makeup your wear- it’s all a reflection of your unique beauty and inner success.

Considered an expert in my trade, I am devoted and committed to learning, seeking more knowledge, love, and understanding every day to help me grow into a better person. I am committed to walking into each day as an eternal student. Faced with challenges as we all do, I am learning how to continue to thrive in my businesses, relationships, and life as I continue to grow and remain “open” while pursuing knowledge and happiness.

Through traveling to other countries, daily practices, routines, rituals, reading, studying, having mentors, educating others, listening to podcasts, emerging myself in other cultures, writing, and not ever quitting when I absolutely wanted to, I have awakened to my own truth. I have reconnected with who and what matters and feel incredibly inspired in my art, spirituality, and lifestyle. I’ve welcomed mindfulness and wellness into my life. Sure, we all want some fairy dust in our lives, but I’ve learned you can’t just choose to be happy and successful. Before you can choose success or happiness, you must choose YOU.

Some of my greatest lessons thus far has been;

  • When you love what you do, success comes to you

  • The importance of investing into yourself and your dreams

  • Traveling creates the best experiences

  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

  • Opportunities come when you put in the effort

  • Find lessons, positivity, and even some humor in tough situations

  • Be around the right people and stay away from energy vampires

  • Set good intentions

  • Live simply, material things do not matter

  • Meditate and Manifest

  • & Finally, embrace this life and enjoy the ride.

My aim is to help my clients achieve their ultimate goals and help them feel beautiful inside and out. I’m committed to sharing my journey with my readers, to always inspire and motivate. I want to help my clients embrace their beauty and wellness potential. I want to connect, reveal, see and engage with possibility! I don’t want to be your guru or your wizard, or place myself above you or anyone. I want to add value and inspiration, as I share my quest with you. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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x Alexandria