50 Shades of Dark Circles


Do you ever feel like your under eye bags are so severe that they are considered carry-ons at the airport? Or that Animal Planet’s camera crew is about to start following you around for their new documentary about a raccoon that is out of its natural habitat? Hands up! I know I’m not the only one!

We all know glitter is obviously the best way to hide our under eye circles.

In all seriousness, the most common and frequently asked question I always get from my clients and readers is: “How do I get rid of under eye circles and bags?”

Personally, if I don’t get the proper amount of Zzz’s or hydration then my eyes are a pure giveaway for my lack of sleep & daily water intake. But some of us continue to have under eye struggle even when we do get enough sleep and daily consumption of H20. So is there a magic eye cream, gel, or serum to help eliminate dark circles and puffy eyes? The answer is: Maybe.


First, let me share the top 5 common causes of dark circles:

-Sun damage -Heredity/genetics -Irritation -Allergies -Veins showing through the skin

If your problems stem from genetics or veins showing through, then truthfully and realistically topical products won’t work for you. Unfortunately, you won’t find your solution in a specialty product that contains a miracle ingredient with unrealistic miraculous claims. (Currently rolling my eyes to false product marketing.)

If your dark circles are caused by sun damage here are my top 2 tips to follow for reduced darkness:

-Daily use of a sunscreen rated SPF 30 -Use of a brightening treatment that is loaded with antioxidants, skin-repairing ingredients, and cell-communicating ingredients.

If your dark circles are caused by irritation/allergies here are my top 5 tips to follow:

-If you wear contact lenses, wear them as less as possible. If you wear them during the day, make sure as soon as you get home to take them out and swap them for your cute glasses. -Check your skincare products and make sure there is no fragrance, alcohol, or essential oils which can absolutely cause irritation around the eyes. -Be sure to remove ALL of your makeup at night, and I mean every speck of it! -Do not rub your eyes. -Use eye-lubricating drops

Now some of us have puffy eyes opposed to dark circles, which are different. Puffy eyes are commonly caused by fluid retention, illness, and also allergic reactions. Most of my mature clients suffer from puffy eyes due to age-related redistribution of fat pads. I typically recommend the following tips as mentioned above although the only truly effective cure for overly large fat pads around the eyes is cosmetic surgery which will send those bags packing. I don’t recommend my clients to go off and get surgery, but if their under eyes are truly a daily bothersome, I will recommend a doctor for them to discuss options with.

Whether you suffer from dark circles or under eye bags, I have found the tips listed above extremely helpful. My other recommendations are as follows:

-Make sure you’re getting a full nights rest. Get more sleep. Make it a priority. To read my post about Why Sleep Is So Important click here. -Take a break from screens. When it’s bedtime put the phones away. -Replace coffee with green tea. -Up your daily water intake. When the body is well hydrated, there is less water retention which causes swelling. -Cold, freshly cut cucumber slices. I know totally cliché- but it works! It’s a great hydrating compress that will decrease inflammation. -Cut out sugar. I know it’s a tough one, but it causes inflammation and makes us age faster. To read about my healthy diet changes click here. -Invest in a Jade Roller! I truly love mine. To read about the Jade Roller click here.

Do you suffer from under eye circles? What are some of your personal favorite techniques to help?