Preparing for your Spa Day


Spa days are very important to some. For me, it is my definition of relaxation. With having a busy schedule, a full day at the spa gives you a chance to unwind and give yourself a bit of pampering. Those who have never visited a day spa, are often unsure about how to prepare for their day. A relaxing day at the spa isn’t cheap, so you want to get the most out of your experience.

Prepping for You Spa Day

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What to wear:

I recommend wearing comfortable clothes. Even if you are arriving at a luxury resort, wearing a casual outfit to the spa is acceptable and suggested. I usually wear a loose fitting cotton t-shirt and comfy yoga pants.

What to pack:

-A change of clothes; Climbing back into the same clothes after all your treatments, isn’t ideal. I always pack an extra pair of underwear! -Swimming Attire; Swimming attire will be required if you want to use the pool, jacuzzi, or hot tub facilities. I also like to wear my bikini in the steam room and sauna especially if it is unisex.

What to Pack for Your Spa Day

-A book; I like to enjoy a book to read by the pool.

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-Toiletries including deodorant, hair brush, tooth brush, chapstick, moisturizer, eye cream (For my favorite skin care items please click here)

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-Hair treatment; OLAPLEX; I usually will put this in my hair after my massage and let it sit in while I go back and relax or use the spa facilities. -Sunscreen; It is a wise idea to bring your own sun protection if the resort features an outdoor pool or beach. In this case, the spa usually provides SPF but I am particular about which brand I am putting on my face. -Hair clip or tie -A dry cleaning bag or plastic bag: To put bikini in so nothing else in my bag gets wet. -A notebook & pen; I find a lot of inspiration and get a lot of ideas in the quiet of the spa. -cash and credit card; I like to leave a tip in cash.

Before you leave:

Avoid wearing jewelry to the spa. You don’t want to get jewelry wet, or lost and you will need to remove it for your treatments, so leave it at home.

Robes, towels and sandals are typically provided as spas so there is no need to bring your own. Spa’s usually are stocked with shampoo, lotion, soap, disposable razors, hair and body products, etc.

Don’t eat heavy, consume alcohol or caffeine. Being too full or wired can make it more difficult to relax.

When you arrive:

Turn off your cell phone. Most spas don’t allow you to have your phone, but how can you relax if you’re checking emails, scrolling thru Instagram, and texting. Enjoy the moment! Keep your phone on silent in your locker.

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I like to arrive at least two hours before my treatment. I like to order a light lunch and a healthy, fresh juice.

After I like to keep my treatments in this order:

-Steam Room -Sauna -Bath treatment -Scrub -Massage -Hair treatment -Relaxation lounge/pool/beach to nap, read, and/or write -Shower with no soap or shower gel, because you want the essential oils to penetrate into your skin

If you are getting a facial, I DO NOT recommend taking a shower afterwards. You will rinse away all those good ( & costly ingredients that was just applied to your skin) Therefore, shower prior to your treatment.

If you are getting a facial & massage, always get the massage first to avoid pressing your fresh complexion into a towel.

I suggest taking a warm to hot bath/shower before your massage because the hot water can help loosen the muscles. And it is polite to your therapist.

During your massage, make sure you let your therapist know if the pressure is too light or too heavy. Communication is key.

Finishing your spa day:

You want to avoid makeup after your spa day, let your skin breathe for the rest of the day/night. You don’t want to clog your pores.

After your treatments, drink plenty of water. Your hydration level is important to make you feel good. You want to flush out all the toxins, which will help avoid headaches, digestive issues, and cramps. Water is a MUST!

There is nothing worse than coming home from a day of relaxation and rest to rush off to dinner or drink plans. Make sure you take the whole day and night to be committed to yourself. Take the night easy and continue your zen by making a hot tea, watching Netflix & chill.

We all need nurturing. I can’t suggest enough to you how important it is to take a day to yourself and get pampered. You will be amazed at how much better you feel. You deserve it!