How to Turn Your Passion Into Your Paycheck


Albert Einstein Every Thursday, Albert Einstein spent time with his favorite math teacher who became his mentor. There came a day when Einstein surpassed him, becoming the math teachers protégée. Surround yourself with these people. Your mentors.

Bridal Makeup

-Believe in the service you are providing

-Have confidence

-Be Inspired

-Ask yourself... Who do you want to serve? Who do you want to manifest as your client?

-Send love, compassion to your team members

-Be moved by your message Don’t SELL it, SHARE it Share your message with enthusiasm and excitement. It will open invisible doors Share your personal inspirational story, every one has one

-If you are deeply connected to the work you provide, the right people will come

-Create What you focus on, you create. Shift your focus on what you do want Be in a daily conversation with “Yes, I can” Create without expectation

-Create a career path that is inspiring Be empowered Reach for higher thoughts

-If you want to be supported, you have to support yourself You are fabulous and powerful Reflect what you are Attract a supported life Self care and self love are a priority Invest in yourself Surround yourself with people who have done this before & are successful Read books Pay for mentors Never go backwards

-Have a good belief system Enlist people to help and serve you Asking people to assist you is a gift to them.

-Make a list of visions and dreams for your business Be clear

-Remove expectations Reframe expectations

-Don’t put things off with clients Clear out mental clutter

Frits van Paasschen

Pictured: Alexandria Gilleo doing makeup for Frits van Paasschen; former chief executive officer of Starwood Hotels and Resorts