48 Hours with Guy Tang


You could only imagine my reaction when I received a random phone call from Pravanna, saying, “We found you on Instagram and we were wondering if you can come to Mohegan Sun tomorrow to have Guy Tang do your hair?" Um, what? Guy Tang the famous hairstylist? Over 1.5 MILLION followers? Yes please! My First impressions of Guy: -Humble -Friendly -Quirky for sure. -Entertaining (He sang 80's music almost the entire time he did my hair) -Color formulating genius -He talked about family a lot, and how important it is to be good to your family -Business driven -Silly

What we did: -Extracted my dark color out -Applied Chromasilk express tones, natural ash with zero lift on base of zone 1 to dry hair, while pulling lightener with 30 volume + Olaplex through the darker bands -After processing, pull the same toner formula down to the pre lighten band of where the dark color band was and process on damp hair for 10 minutes -Sat with Olaplex treatment -Dry hair -Applied PureLight Balayage lightener with High and a splash of 130 volume to Balayage and also use a lowlight Balayage formula of natural and ash -Yes, I just said 130 volume -Used his ‘Diamonds in the Sky’ Technique -Finished by using the same formula for toning on damp hair for 5 minutes on the roots only

Here’s the finished product below:

Guy Tang Finished Product

Time this took: 2 days 5 hours the first day 4 hours the second day

Did you have to pay Guy? -No, I actually got paid a couple hundred dollars

Guy Tang

What was it like being on stage? -I used to think I had stage fright, but after being in front of an audience on the Tyra Banks show (& on national television) and now being in front of a thousand hair stylists on stage with Guy, I think its safe to say that fear is gone. -It was awesome watching the students from the stage point of view -I also was trying not to have my usual resting bitch face, since I was going to be in a million photos!

On Stage With Guy Tang

On Stage With Guy Tang_2

On Stage With Guy Tang

What was your favorite experience from this? -The first day I went alone. I didn’t even tell anyone what I was doing, because I didn’t want to get overly excited or nervous. While I was there, I asked them if I could bring my best friend Annaliese the next day. Annaliese is one of the top hair stylists in the Hudson Valley and I knew she is a fan of Guy. I was so happy when Guy welcomely said “Yes, of course!”. Not only did Annaliese come with me the following day, but Guy and his assistant Nora, let Annaliese assist them the whole day as well. Watching her excitement made me so grateful that I was able to share this experience with her and she got a hands on learning experience from the top hair professional in the world right now. -I asked the universe that week for a change. I never expected that change to have Guy Tang transition my dark hair into a blondie. I am so happy with my new look and I love it.

Guy Tang and Annaliese & Co

Alex and Annaliese

Did Guy Tang also cut your hair? -Yes. I never witnessed a faster hair cut totaling MAYBE 4 minutes. And he did my entire haircut with my head flipped over, face towards the ground. -He took about 5 inches off and gave me fresh layers and angles

How are you up keeping you hair? -I have an amazing stylist Lea Arpell based in Greenwich, CT. Her clientele includes the Hilfigers, Judge Judy and Me. Lea keeps up with my hair and does amazing work on blondes. -I use Olaplex treatment #2 in my hair 1x a week. -I also use L’oreal Color corrector mask in purple once a week -I use Joico's Blue and Purple shampoo and conditioner. (Blue counteracts orange, purple counteracts yellow) No one wants brassy or yellow hair. -I also try to braid my hair often so I don’t use hot ironing tools as often as I use to


Lorel Color Corrector

Is Guy going to do your hair again? -I would love that, but due to his busy schedule, traveling around the world with different hair lines, it doesn’t seem like that will happen anytime soon. But who knows, maybe I’ll get an unexpected phone call again!

What was the most important hair tip you learned from Guy Tang? -Always use Olaplex!

What did you like about Guy Tang the most? -I thought it was really cool how he interacted with his fans. Every hour there was a new group of girls at our door screaming for him in excitement. He welcomed every fan and took photos with each one. Some girls even wanted photos with me!

Thank you Guy Tang and Pravanna for the awesome experience!

Makeup Artist & Hair Besties

Markup Artist and Hair Besties