Chill Out At Chillhouse


I Alexandria Gilleo, confess, to being an Instagram Trend Victim. It’s true. When I see a post that screams, “chic” and has dreamy blogger-type decor that is designed and curated beautifully, I will be the first to admit that I must go experience it for myself.

Chillhouse is the ultimate zen destination that is not just a chic cafe decorated to perfection, but a nail salon and massage therapy spa. On a random afternoon in New York, I had a few hours to kill, so I decided to treat myself to some needed self-care. What better spot than Chillhouse?


My first thought while walking in was how dreamy the aesthetic and ambiance is. The candlelit space is pristine filled with marble countertops, raw wooden benches, shimmery gold tables, with touches of rose gold and pinks. The design and layout get a (rose) gold star in my book. Oh, la la!


The Barista/cashier/hostess checked me in at the front desk area and offered me a beverage. Of course, I opted for a hot chamomile tea. Although, the matcha lattes looked divine. Behind her stood a bunch of organic snacks and goodies.


She then handed me a “menu” booklet of different spa/manicure options. All the nail polishes are non-toxic and they even have a special built-in ventilation system so you’re not breathing in polish during your manicure. What a brilliant concept for a nontoxic environment! They do offer some fun nail art here but I was in the mood for a simple manicure. (I know super boring and basic of me)


My manicure was fabulous. I almost fell asleep during my hand massage. I would probably go back just for that itself. I did not gel polish and my manicure lasted me a solid two weeks, which never happens! Bravo. After I was done with my service, I went back into the cafe area to finish my tea and work on some emails. This was a perfect space to decompress, relax, and snap a cute shot for Insta ;)


I also read an online article that Chillhouse recently kicked off a series called Matcha Mornings, for Chillhouse members to come together on Wednesday mornings to exchange business tips, advice, and beauty recommendations. COUNT ME IN! X


Have you been to Chillhouse? What is your favorite NYC spot for a self-care afternoon treat?