Useful Tips for Tonight’s Full Moon


The full moon in Pisces tonight is a great opportunity for some deep work! Pisces is an internal energy. This allows you to tune inwards and focus on your inner self. During this moon there is a strong awareness of creativity, beauty, and art. Allow this full moon to help you release any and all habits, patterns, thought, and beliefs that do not serve your peace.

What You Need:

-Your Journal -A Pen -30 minutes of uninterrupted time -Clear Sight of the Moon -Your favorite crystals

With your crystals around you, I want you to sit comfortably and inhale deeply through your nose. As you inhale, envision a cleansing white light entering and warming your body. As you exhale, visualize stress and any darkness leaving your body. After repeating this for 5 minutes, open your eyes and take out your journal and pen.

What should you release and what do you need to focus on?

What can you do to align closer to your best life?

What do you want to manifest?

As you sit in clear sight of the moon, I want you to think positive thoughts, refrain from getting angry, send blessings to people who need them, envision your dreams manifesting, and then meditate. For tips on meditating read here.