Grow Your Lashes Without Breaking The Bank

According to my clients, almost all of them would pick mascara as their “can’t live without this one beauty item.” Women swarm to the possibility of having long, dark, and lush lashes. So naturally, lash extensions have become the trendiest beauty addiction across the globe. I will confess there was a time when I was a lash extension addict myself, but I want to give my honest and professional opinion. I don’t think lash extensions are the only way. Recently, I’ve had numerous of clients come to me asking what other ways they can plump up their lashes without breaking the bank. Although lash extensions are beautiful for an event (wedding, honeymoon, vacation, etc.) costs can add up quickly. This instant gratification that we call lash crack- I mean extensions, are very high maintenance. You will need a fill every 2-4 weeks unless you want to walk around looking like a hot mess.

So what alternatives do we have to get long and flirty lashes? Well, there are a few.

If you want to go a holistic and organic route, purchase Cold Pressed Castor Oil. You’re going to want to buy disposable wands also to apply on brows and lashes every night. Ancient Egyptians used actor oil to stimulate hair growth and grow lashes since the beginning of their time! It’s also super nourishing and protects your lashes from falling out. You must be patient though because this takes 6-8 weeks to notice results.


If you just can’t wait 6-8 weeks then I highly suggest Grande Lash MD. This is an eyelash conditioner/serum that is created with a blend of peptides, vitamins, and amino acids.


For the past 5 weeks, I’ve been applying the Grande Lash MD before bed every night. The application is super easy and applies right to the top of your lash line. Note* I have very sensitive eyes and this did not irritate my eyes at all. After only 2 weeks of regular use, I notice my lashes are thicker and longer. Woo-hoo! & Only one tube will last you for 3 months! & You know what’s even more exciting, they have a brow serum too! AHH!

Aside from Grande’s Lash serum, they also have a line called Grande Lips that are beautiful colors that plump your lips! Unlike other lip plumping products, this leaves your lips soft and hydrated rather than dry and irritated. The product tingles a bit once applied but is not unpleasant. This product definitely makes your lips look more supple and keeps them feeling soft and plump.

I even carried these babies with me to Greece which you can read all about in the coming days.

My friend Albert who shoots with Grande frequently was kind enough to share his discount code with my readers. Thank you, Albert! To receive 10% your order with Grande click here and type in Studio10 at checkout.