Skin First; Makeup Second

After constantly seeing Glossier pop up on my social media feeds, I knew I had to try these products. I see every famous model and fellow makeup junkies posting about these cute, pale pink products. What is it?

Lets discuss the packaging first. It’s beautiful. The products arrived in the prettiest pink bubble wrapped zippered pouch. I kept these as I think it’s perfect for storing your beauty items in while traveling, or even can store my eye pencils or lip glosses in them for my makeup kit.

Quick note: I love Glossier’s motto, “Skin first. Makeup second.” This is something that I repeat over and over to my clients. Invest in your skin first, then your makeup. Love your skin, be gentle with your skin. Less is more. I’m a firm believer in getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, moisturize daily, morning and night, don’t pick at your face, and invest in the right products for you and your skin type. The key to great skin is how you treat it.


Flavored Rose Balm Dotcom:

More like "the bomb" dotcom. For only $12 this super dense, hydrating lip balm is EVERYTHING. I now have this in my makeup kit for my clients, and one in my bag for myself. It lasts forever. Models love it, my clients love it, I LOVE IT. And any product thats packed with antioxidants is an A++ in my book. (Especially if it has a Rose flavor)

Mega Greens Galaxy Mask:

This mask is super gentle, but cleanses your skin. I tend to get red after using products and this did the exact opposite. No redness. WIN. This mask detoxifies your skin by drawing out excess oil. My favorite ingredient in this mask is the avocado oil and aloe which naturally softens your skin.

Moisturizing Moon Mask:

The ultimate hydration for your skin. Anything that plumps and hydrates my skin is an ultimate YES. Especially during these cold, dry winter days. This mask is packed with so many great ingredients containing honey and aloe, hyaluronic acid that plumps your skin with moisture, and natural emollients such as shea butter, sweet almond oils, & more. While most masks are made for only 1-4x a month, this is a safe mask to use as often as you like.


The Perfecting Skin Tint:

Ultra sheer, and breathable formula. This is great for people with particularly good skin, since it is too light to cover or conceal. For me, I love this. I typically only use tinted moisturizers or cc creams. I love my skin to look fresh and dewy.

Haloscope Highlighter:

If your a crystal lover like myself, and you love a good dewy highlighter, this product is made for you. I must first note that this contains actual crystals. The outer ring is enhanced with real infused genuine crystals for all-day enlightenment. How cool?! Who doesn’t want to wear positive energy right on their face?

Stretch Concealer:

This concealer is great because provides great coverage and is very buildable. I need a product to neutralize my dark circles and this does just so!

Generation Matte Lipstick:

This seems comes off more as a lip balm than a lipstick, but personally I love this. This will now be a staple in my kit. As a makeup artist, I’m always trying to find shades that go on smooth like a lip balm, but provide a soft, long lasting color that will enhance the natural lip color. This is it! It adapts to your lip tone while giving you a slight pop of color without dry or cakey lips.


Why you need to order Glossier:

Glossier products are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, non-cosmedogenic, FRAGRANCE FREE (this is an important one), paraben free and alcohol free (Another must). Plus the packaging is pink & cute.

Xx Alexandria