Sheet Masks: Karuna


Sheet masks seem to be the hottest trend of the season. Sheet masks are individually wrapped facials. They are saturated in serum and fit your face, giving your skin a high dose of hydration in as little as 10 minutes. When I’m working with a celebrity client or at fashion week, I like to give my client’s skin extra glowiness and hydration. Sheet masks are great for a quick result. Not to mention there is no mess to them. After a sheet mask is applied, I like to massage the leftover serum into their skin.

Karuna is my favorite brand for sheet masks. Not only has this brand supported my artistry and work for many years now, but these masks make a difference. I absolutely adore the packaging, but I love the way it feels on my skin. These masks deliver a ton of moisture and anti-aging ingredients in just one simple step. The clarifying face mask is Oil-free and uses natural blemish fighters like ginger. It is gentle to the skin and has never caused me any breakouts. I personally love sitting in a royal,warm bubble bath on my Self Care Sundays with a cup of tea and a Karuna sheet mask preferably the hydrating or anti-oxidant mask. We all know I love my anti-oxidants and hydration!


More recently, Karuna launched a new product called Melting Boost. Melting Boost includes three different formulas; -Correct+ Melting Boost, -Spot+ Melting Boost, and Under Eye+ Melting Boost. The Melting Boosts are little dots and stripes that work UNDER the Face Masks to intensify the results.


I’ve used these on a range of clients of mine and loved the results every time. As a client arrives on set or even before starting a bride’s wedding day look, I love to use the Under Eye+ Melting Boost under the Renewal + Eye mask. It gives the perfect “Wake me up” eyes, looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

I’ve used all these masks on myself and on my clients for just over 4 years now and I seem to love this brand more and more. They even have a Holiday Survival Kit for only $25.