June's New Moon Bring Awareness To Our Gut Health


Have you felt inspired recently to start something new or begin a new chapter? This Cancerian New Moon may bring you even more clarity and inspiration!

Be mindful of under June’s New Moon, that we can get caught up in overthinking and over analyzing. Remember to breathe and quiet your mind.

Cancer is a water sign. Let this be a reminder to regenerate with H20. Take a bath, charge your crystals in the tub, & don’t forget to stay hydrated by refilling your water bottle.

Cancer sign also rules the digestive system. Recently, I have been very conscious of the importance of gut health. Scientists and doctors are now referring to your “Gut” as “Your second brain”. Your digestions, health, mood and thoughts are all linked to your “second brain.” 80% of our immune system lives in our gut! Therefore, you want to keep your gut in tip top shape.

Here’s what I’m consuming daily to promote a healthy gut:

-Apple Cider Vinegar: Aids in weight loss, balance body chemistry, alleviates symptoms such as fatigue, or joint pain. ACV helps breakdown food and stimulates digestive system.

-Kombucha: This cocktail of good bacteria cleanses and detoxifies your body, helps in immune support, and improves digestion.

-Gut Shots: Contains probiotics which is the “good bacteria.” These probiotics are paired with green cabbage and earthy seeds.

-Probiotics: The good bacteria. Contains live microorganisms that contain health benefits that better digestion, improve immunity, prevents diseases and clears skin.

So what is your plan to balance and heal your gut this New Moon?

For more on Gut Health, check out my friend Joanna’ s blog! http://www.joannaglyncohen.com