How To Throw An Epic Party


A few weeks ago I was invited to a High School Graduation party that my friend Mary was throwing for her son. High school graduation parties can be so basic especially having graduated 10 years ago myself. Although I debated how much fun one can have at a party with a bunch of high schoolers, I did have that Tuesday off with no plans in mind, so I was quick to RSVP Yes. I found myself looking forward to the graduation party because my Bestie Milti (Click here to read about how I met Milti and our NYFW adventures together) and good friend James were flying in from Miami for the event. When the boys are flying into town for 12 hours specifically for an event, you know it’s going to be extra with some whipped cream, cherries and sprinkles on top.


After attending what I thought would be a “super basic” event, here are my tips To Throw An Epic Party/The Hudson Valley’s Party Of The Year:

-Vallet Parking Who wants to roll up at a party and park their car themselves? Not I, nor should you. Don’t forget to tip your Valet Men.

-Rosé Please There is nothing better on a warm, sunny, summer evening than to walk into a party and have a server hand you a fresh, cold sparkling glass of Rosé. Delicious.


-French Fries, Sliders, Weiners, and Tacos Of course there were healthier options including salads and shrimp (is shrimp healthy?) but this is a high school graduation party, not some corporate event that serves the same old basic food over again. Servers walking around to serve you mini sliders and french fries? YES! And double YES for Mac & Cheese and popcorn stations.


-Lifeguards On Deck Oh, did I forget to mention to bring your bathing suit? & Yes, the pools are heated.


-Human Bowling Ok, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t realize this was a thing. Yes, human bowling is a thing people, get with the times! Go ahead, step into the ball, buckle up and prepare to get dizzy AF while your friends roll you into the giant pins.


-Virtual Hang Glider I mean who hasn’t been to a party with a virtual hang glider? You know, that machine you strap yourself into while Virtual goggles are applied to your face as you start to hang glide over a beach. Be careful though, don’t fall into the ocean, that’s a long way down!


-Paint Ball T-Shirts If you’re going to have a good party, then you must have paint ball. Pick which t-shirt you want and shoot paintballs to create a one of a kind design. Once dried, shooters get to take home their custom shirts. #GreekLife


-Balloons Go overboard with balloons. When you think you might have too many, order more!


-Confetti It’s a celebration people, sprinkle it on.


-Open Bar Inside bar or outside bar, take your pick on which ever you prefer. 21+ obvi.


-Sunglasses and Hats You want your guests to feel incognito. Wear your sunglasses at night. They’ll never know it’s you.


-Robot Man Photographer Uh, that’s cool. Mister robot man, who walks around and snaps photos of you. You and I both understand that we live in an “instant” world. We want everything here, now, and fast. The best part? Your photos pop up on Mr. Robots chest and you text yourself the photo so you have it instantly. Oh, and then they print you out a good quality copy for you and your friends to frame once your home.


-Light Up Beer Pong Ah, in this case it may have been Apple Juice Pong. I’m totally okay with that, would have liked it more if it was Kombucha pong or Cider pong but juice will do.


-Hire a professional DJ, MC, & Photographer We all love good music, a good host and our photos being professionally taken. Speaking of, does anyone know where I can find those photos?


-Ice Cream Bar Pick your favorite flavor, perhaps some Rainbow Sherbet, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pistachio or Birthday Cake? Can I have a scoop of each? Sure! Pair that with whatever topping your heart desires. Add some waffles to that, brownies, or marshmallow fluff.


-Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee or Tea Want to keep partying? Have an espresso, want to go to sleep soon? Drink an herbal decaf tea. We all know what my choice was.


-H20 You want your guests to remain hydrated (think good skin) so be sure to grab your water bottle on the way out!


So there you have it. Your ultimate guide to throwing an Epic Party. Happy Graduation Joey, and Congratulations for hosting The Party Of The Year. When you graduate college, tell your Mom not to forget my invite. Bravo Mary. Feel free to host my next birthday. Xx

Venue: West Hills Country Club in Middletown, NY Bonura Hospitality for all your special events