DIY Easy Hairstyles That Won’t Damage Your Hair!


I enjoy creating fun looks with my hair, that don’t require the use of hot tools. I try to minimize the usage of hot tools to a minimum of once a week, to avoid breakage and damage to these bleached strands! I love whimsical and soft hair styles. Between early call times, and hectic weekend appointments it’s hard to spend more than 10 minutes on my hair. Here are some fun easy, DIY hairstyles that are simple and only take a few minutes to create! Look 1: Twisted Half Up/Half Down

Items needed: -Hair brush -4 bobby pins

Steps: Take desired amount of hair in front & twist inwards towards the crown of your head.

Pinch and pull twisted pieces outward for volume Place against crown of head and pin

Repeat twists and pinch and pull on opposite side Place pin slightly under the already pinned hair

Secure hair with the raining 2 bobby pins

Look 2: Braided Crown

Items needed: -Tail Comb -Two small rubber bands -8-10 bobby pins, depending on thickness of hair


Zigzag part down the middle separating hair into two sections

Create a regular braid down each side Secure with rubber band

Holding braid securely on the bottom, pinch and pull the outer corner of each side of the braid; this give the appearance of a thicker and more full braid.

Repeat on other side, until your left with cute pigtails!

Wrap one side up and over front of head & secure in place with bobby pins

Repeat on other side of hair, while tucking the tail under the other pinned braid

Braided Crown