While We Were Young: Restaurant Review


A few of my favorite things in life is anything pocket-sized, pink, marble, and velvet. Add in a bevy of roses with that and you have won my love. While We Were Young is a perfect combination of just that. This trendy little restaurant is located in the super charming West Village in NYC. I must confess I can be an “Instagram Trend Victim" when it comes to scouting out the most chic restaurants. And yes, this spot has dreamy blogger-type decor written all over it. This place is the epitome of everything you’d want from a West Village dining experience. Everything is just so… tufted and pink! Just like my house. I can absolutely see Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha meeting me for brunch here.


The ambiance is on point. Although very tiny and intimate, I’ve read that this joint can tend to get overwhelmingly packed. Lucky enough, we entered at a perfect time being the only ones in the restaurant. (12:30pm on a Tuesday)


The menu offers an American cuisine. I ordered the Vegan burger (no bun) with avocado topped with the most delicious and tasty chipotle aioli! Yes, fries came on the side which is why I said no to the bun. It’s all about balance. Ying & Yang.

The pricing is a bit of the high side but the food, atmosphere, and experience was well worth it! I left feeling more than satisfied and plan to return for some chicken and kale waffles.

& Don’t forget to touch up your lips with my favorite color from my line when your done. Purchase Here.

While We Were Young | 183 West 10th Street, NYC