Teeth Whitening: What You Need to Know


We all want a brighter and whiter smile, right? If you know me personally, you know how important teeth are to me. Years ago, I invested thousands of dollars into my smile. I decided to get veneers for my upper teeth. After reading multiple studies that 58% of Americans with brighter, whiter, and healthy gums/teeth are more successful than those whom have an unhealthy smile, I knew where I wanted to invest my money... My mouth.

I believe that having a healthy and bright white smile is important because those pearly whites make a lasting first impression. A nice smile can go a long way. Smiling is an easy way to instantly improve the way others see you, especially in the business world.

Our teeth can certainly take a beating. If your a smoker (please quit), a coffee, tea or red wine drinker, you may have stains on your teeth (even with caps or veneers). This can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. If you don’t have thousands to splurge on invisalign or veneers, than this is all easier said than done, right? Wrong.

If that is the case, then I am here to help you, your smile and your future success! I want to help your confidence, and share with you how I maintain my bright smile, and how you can start your journey to healthy, white teeth after you read this article.


Preparing for your teeth whitening session:

-Be sure to eat prior to your session -Be sure to brush teeth thoroughly before your session -Rinse out with mouth wash


Jessica matching my teeth color, so we can see the immediate results on how effective each treatment was.


BONUS: Brow tint while teeth are getting whitened. Love a good brow tint, my eye brows are naturally very light!


How does teeth whitening work & What can I expect?

-Lip balm will be applied to your lips -Vitamin E will be swabbed on to gums -A soft plastic cheek retractor will be placed in mouth to protect soft mouth tissue -A whitening agent gel that contains 16% hydrogen peroxide, will be painted on to your teeth (This is highly effective yet safe for sensitive teeth) -The high powered Futura 2400 Blue LED light will be placed directly in front of teeth -You will have 3, 20 minute intervals of back to back applications totaling to a 1 hour session -The first application opens the pores in the enamel -The second application begins to visually whiten teeth| -The third application dramatically whitens teeth


How many shades whiter?

-My top teeth are veneers, so it will only go as white as the original veneer color is. Therefore, 1 shade. -My bottom teeth went up 4 shades whiter. Yessss.

Good to know:

-I have extremely sensitive teeth and gums. I had no reaction or sensitivity with this service. -I was very pleased with my results -Fast & Effective -Going to the dentist gives me a bit of anxiety, therefore being in a spa setting calmed my nerves


After Care Instructions:

-After your treatment your pores of your enamel are open, making your teeth extra vulnerable to any stains. When the pores close, anywhere from 24-48 hours after procedure, you can resume normal habits. -Avoid: Juice, lemonade, tea, coffee, soda, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, red wine, beer -Avoid: Any food with color including salad, carrots, chocolate -Avoid: Extremely hot or cold liquids -Avoid: Smoking & Lipstick -Your allowed to drink: Water, sparkling water, vodka -Your allowed to eat: Chicken, Turkey, White rice, white fish, white pasta (no sauce) -You can use colorless lip balm to moisturize your lips


How much?

-Teeth Whitening: $99 for a 1 hour treatment ; $270 for 3 treatments -Brow Tint: $25 ; $20 when you book with Teeth Treatment

Alexandria’s Bonus: Receive $10 off your first treatment when you use coupon code: MUAHBYALEXANDRIA when booking your services with Jessica Holz from Simply Elegant Beauty.

Thank you Jessica for my pearly white smile! To book your appointment: (845) 475-7251