Impossible Burger


When I first heard about The Impossible Burger, I was intrigued. A plant-based, meatless burger that looks and tastes like the real deal? I obviously wanted to experience this for myself. There are a few different locations you can find The Impossible Burger in the US. We went to Umami Burger in Greenwich Village, NYC. Our server explained to us what The Impossible Burger was and what it consumed. Within just a few minutes, our Impossible Burgers arrived at our table.


Condiment Hoe.


Apparently, The Impossible Burger is completely free from cholesterol and any contaminants that are associated with any beef production. It is a “bleeding” vegan burger. It is supposed to taste, look, and ooze like a beef burger. The whole concept is interesting.


After biting into this juicy and soft deliciousness, I was shocked! How could it be? The outside of the burger was crispy and caramelized, while the inside had an extremely similar texture to a real burger. The taste isn’t exact to a burger, but it was pretty damn close!


Yes, the Impossible Burger is very appealing but I will say after doing some research there is an ingredient that is genetically modified and this burger doesn’t appear to have many health advantages. Besides the satisfaction of eating a burger that contains no meat, the burger is loaded with sodium, so this definitely isn’t something I would consume on a regular basis. I think that this is a delightful treat for anyone who can’t indulge in meat.

Have you tried the Impossible Burger?

What are your thoughts?