How To Make Team Meetings Fun: The Wheel House


As you may know, I own a company named “Bridal By Alexandria”. I have carefully selected a team of ladies who are not only talented in bridal beauty services but are very hard working, to say the least. I am constantly stressing to my clients and readers how important it is to have “balance” in life and to truly enjoy your job by finding something that you love to do. With that being said, it can be a difficult task to stay balanced in such a “busy” world where it’s so easy to burn out. Whether you’re in the beauty industry or a different field of work that requires customer service, a lot of responsibility comes into play. With scheduling, emails, phone calls, marketing, contracts, creating customized skin care regimens, and countless commitments, how do you deal with the pressure and not feel overwhelmed?

Being a boss takes work. Whether managing your own life, your brand or your entire company, owning your philosophy and perspective can be challenging at times. So when it was time for me to plan another meeting with my team, I wanted to incorporate mindfulness and wellness. The more wellness I welcome into my life, the better the impacts and decisions I make. Incorporating wellness into your company can improve focus, drive, productivity, and help ensure that the team is in the right shape to do their best work.

Therefore, how can we find a way to connect with each other, improve ourselves, and the business without a long, boring meeting discussing client contracts for hours?

Something I thrive over is Boss Babes. So when I heard that Michelle Shah was opening up her own Spin studio nearby, I immediately thought to myself how fun it would be to host the next “team meeting” here! I texted Michelle and asked her if I could rent out the studio for a Team workout and without hesitation, she gladly welcomed the idea.


Michelle got her start in the fitness world while living in San Diego. As an avid spin class attendee, the opportunity to get certified sparked her interest. What started as a New Years resolution became a hobby then developed into a full blown passion. Flash forward 5 years later, being a new mom and moving back to Poughkeepsie- Michelle saw a void in the boutique fitness industry in the Hudson Valley. And like that, The Wheel House was born.


Spin is, as Michelle says, a party on the bike. Upbeat music, high energy, fun lights - 45 minutes to get in and get a full body workout.


I planned for the girls on my team to meet at The Wheel House for some “Team building exercises.” I believe that work relationships are essential for a positive work environment and emotional wellness among employees. This was the perfect opportunity to bring The Bridal By Alexandria Team together to unwind, have some fun, and reduce stress levels. Fun is one of our core values. It’s really important for us not to take ourselves too seriously (all the time). I treated the girls to a Barre class hosted by Michelle herself. She kicked our asses and 1 week later I’m still sore. I am proud to say my Team killed it!


It’s really important for me to work hard and be successful without burning out. I want to continue to put an emphasis on self-care, and healthy employees mean a healthy business. Healthy including Mind, Body, Soul. To read about Self Care click here.


The Wheel House also offers barre, yoga, and mat Pilates as these all complement a spin routine. For only $20, you can go get your cardio, sculpting, toning, and stretch done in one location. To book your workout head over to


What are some of your favorite team building activities? Give me some ideas for my next fun team meeting in the comments below!

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