Healing Power of Food


Once upon a time, I used to treat my body like a garbage can. If you know me personally then you know I have a real life addiction to Chilis. Yes, Chilis the chain restaurant and no, this is not a joke. I have a true addiction to their boneless wings and Texas cheese fries (If you had them, then I assume you understand my struggle).

I also used to eat from fast food restaurants a little too frequently. Growing up Italian my Mother would always prepare fresh and delicious home cooked meals, but I’d always find an excuse to go make myself a pepperoni and cheese sandwich instead, with a giant side of french fries and extra ketchup. As a kid, I continued to eat microwavable meals, chocolate bars, and oh who remembers Lunchables? I loved those things. And you know how seniors in high school got elected for different categories in the yearbook like best dressed or best smile? I won for “Will Most Likely Own A Wendy’s” This is a true story and I’m pretty sure it was even printed in the local newspaper. They created this category especially for me. Did this have something to do with me being a young entrepreneur? Possibly. Perhaps it had more of something to do with coming to school every day Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets and fries.


There was even a time (who remembers) that I was a Red Bull Wings Girl, which meant driving around the Red Bull Mini Coop all day handing out free Red Bull energy drinks to people. Super fun job by the way, which I don’t regret. But this also meant that this added on to my already unhealthy addictions. I soon became obsessed with Red Bull myself, sometimes drinking more than 8 cans a day. My poor body.


I didn’t eat fruits and definitely wanted nothing to do with vegetables. My diet was atrocious!

It was only until the last two years until I really started to really take notice of my health when something horrible happened in my life. The death of my Dad. He died from a massive stroke. I could not understand it, I didn’t think of my Dad as an unhealthy person, so why did this happen with no signs of being sick or unhealthy? This was a sudden, unexpected, and major loss for me which soon led me to a lot of research. I became determined to figure out why and how something like this could happen to someone who was pretty active, had an average diet, and showed no signs of being “sick”. The doctors couldn’t tell me much besides, “Heart Disease”.


After the loss of my Dad, I would find myself lying awake at night worrying about losing other loved ones or even myself to terrifying diseases. I was starting to drive myself crazy (literally) and that’s when I decided I was going to make a change and do some intensive research. I was not going to stress this any longer. This was the start of my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey.

First 2 important factors I want to bring to your attention.

1- Awareness

This may sound strange, but most of us have forgotten that we have a body. We are so connected from the neck up and have forgotten about the neck down. We are constantly consumed with technologies like our cell phones, our work computers, our daily stresses, that we forget about our most sacred temple- our bodies. Our bodies need our awareness.

2- Ask Yourself

Now that you are aware, ask yourself these questions and journal down your answers.

- What are you eating? - What is nourishing your body? - Are you sleeping well? - Are you hydrated? - Are you in physical pain? - Are you exhausted? - What is dragging your body down? - What are your unhealthy habits? - Do you ever experience extreme fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, pain, stomach issues, moodiness, migraines, skin disorders, ADHD, anxiety, or bloating?

Take a moment to breathe and really sit with these questions as you get in tune with your body. You need to access these insights no, so you can feel better and live your life well. If you know you have unhealthy habits with your choices or body, be gentle with yourself and list the habits you would like to change. Focus on one area at a time and be creative with your solutions.


Once I started to answer these questions for myself, I started to slowly uncover some hidden issues that I never paid too much attention to, i.e.) Psoriasis, arthritis, weak stomach, fatigue, etc. all leading to Auto-Immune Disease. I knew that I was born without an immune system and had to get a round of shots to build up my immune system as a child. Sadly, my diet most of my life did not help my immune system in any way just weakened it that much more. Also now acknowledging heart disease runs on both sides of my family, I accepted I was going to have to make some major changes in my life.

Step 1: Appoint with my doctor.

Sadly, a visit to the doctor’s office doesn’t give you much clarity anymore. America is dealing with an epidemic of mystery illnesses and a widespread problem with misdiagnosis. I personally was also dealing with no callbacks, no answers, and 10-minute appointments. I went in for specific blood work to see what was happening with my body and 2 weeks later I get the call: Everything looks good, you’re fine, see you next year for your checkup! Hold up- Our health is more susceptible than ever before in history. Chronic illnesses have become one of the most widespread issues of our time! Everything is not fine.

*This is definitely not the case for all doctors, and I don’t want to offend anyone as I highly respect all doctors! This was just my unfortunate experience with a corporate group.

Health is what carries us along the road of life. Health is the foundation. Health is everything! Without it, we don’t have much.

Plan B. See a holistic doctor.

I “coincidentally” was reading a health book that suggested hiring a Holistic Doctor and provided a website where you can find some professionals close to your area. I researched and found the incredible Lisa Gold. Her slogan is “Not just a pill and a pat on the back”. Yes! Lisa spent hours with me researching my family history, my daily habits, the food I was putting into my body, my sleep routines, my current stresses, my everyday environment, and activities. Our appointments are 1 full hour appointments giving us enough time to discuss problems and solutions. Lisa really has helped me dig deep into my health and bring out so much awareness regarding food and supplements. She believes in promoting a healing process by using food, mind-body techniques, and treatments as needed. Lisa has sent me home with test kits that your regular doctor won’t test for. With help from these tests, I am able to see any nutritional deficiencies I have and imbalances.

Within months I am already feeling so much better and healthier.

Step 2: Hire a supportive coach.

I hired my life coach Sah D’Simone a few months ago. Another “coincidental” story. While doing makeup for a client, her friend who was sitting next to us asked me if I knew of him. Nope, never heard. “Look him up, I think you two would connect well.” Obviously, as soon as I left that job I looked him up on Instagram and immediately loved what I saw! A transformative coach who has studied around the world. Sah is a certified mental health aid, integrative nutrition health coach, breath body mind teacher, Ashtanga yoga and meditation teacher, and a raw vegan chef. HELLO! What is not to love? A few weeks later I had signed up for a Moon Retreat through Maha Rose North which you can read all about here. Again, another person asked me, “Do you know Sah?” At least now I can say I follow him on Instagram but not personally. A few weeks after that I attended a Club Soda party in NYC which was a booze-less brunch and meditation event which you can read about here and low and behold Sah walks in the door! I only had a moment to introduce myself and say a quick hello before he had to leave. After the event, a friend and I walked to Maha Rose as I saw they were having an open house event. We both signed up for mini sessions and I was shocked when I saw the session I signed up for was with Sah D’Simone. I swear I’m not a stalker! We discussed the science behind meditation and did some breath work. I felt so great after I knew I had to hire him. I’ve been working with Sah for a few months now for spiritual, emotional, and nutritional purposes. It is so great to have a Nutritional Health Coach to hold you accountable, show support, and help you on your health journey while raising so much awareness around “High Vision Food” and the power it holds over your mind, body, and soul.

Moving Forward: These are the major changes and lessons I have learned thus far.

- De-stress with exercise

- Turn to meditation and prayer

- Nap when your energy is lagging

- Stress is natural. Greet stress as your great mentor and become motivated from it

- Use food as your medicine. Eat fruits, vegetables, wild foods, herbs, and spices EVERY DAY! This will counteract and detoxify your body.

- Drink a lot of water, and stay away from plastic bottles.

- Make sure to have B12, Glucose, Mineral salts, and antioxidants in your diet

- Squeeze lemons and cucumbers into your water

- Replenish your body every day with a fresh juice, smoothie, or some coconut water

- Try your best to have 5 ingredients or less in your meals

- Take regular breaks

- Commit to taking 10 minutes every hour to move around, stretch, or take a quick walk

- Take good care of your teeth

- Regular check-ups with your doctor or health coaches

- Practice self-care


What I’m advised NOT to eat (for now):

- Eggs - Corn - Gluten - Dairy - Soy - Canola oil - Peanut butter - All sugars (except raw honey and fruit) - Artificial Sweeteners - Artificial Flavors - GMOs - MSG - Citric Acid - Pork

Some of The Healing and Soul Boosting Foods I DO eat:

- Wild Blueberries - Bananas - Apples - Celery - Spinach - Cilantro - Sweet Potatoes - Kale and Leafy Greens - Avocado - Soups - Squash - Asparagus - Watermelons

The Struggle Is Real:

It’s not easy to find support when the people around you aren’t aware of health and food. Finding the right help can seem like a struggle at first but I am here to assure you that you can make the change. When you’re on a “healthy diet” at first, temptation lurks around every corner. Maybe there is only 1 “healthy” restaurant in town and that’s ok! I urge you to stay committed and hire a professional for support if you must! Invite a close friend to join you on this healing journey of your own and honor yourself. Your health is worth every investment.

I hope this post encouraged you to find a new awareness of health and food. Your body desperately needs your awareness, deep breathing, and conscious compassion. Remember that your body and health are sacred so treat it with love and kindness. We also want our “physical vessel” to be as healthy and open as possible so that our inner energy can flow freely. Be gentle and present with yourself. Reconnect with your body, there is nothing more powerful than a person whose mind, soul and body are aligned in harmony. Use food to restore and nourish your cells. Namaste!

*Disclaimer: This article is based on tips for my own personal health needs and while they are being shared to share information, you should always consult with a medical professional first, to ensure that any dietary changes being made are appropriate for you and your best health.