Faena: Tierra Santa Healing House Review


As you probably already know, my most favorite pleasure in life is to indulge at the spa. I must admit, I am a spa fanatic. When it comes to healing the mind, body, and soul on a spiritual and physical level, I feel it is necessary to receive spa services as often as you can. I have been to some of the most luxurious spa’s in and out of the country, and Tierra Santa Healing House takes my top rating.

Tierra Santa Healing House is a 22,000-square-foot sanctuary located in the Faena Hotel on Miami Beach. This hotel is beyond beautiful, glamorous, and filled with remarkable one-of-a-kind art and decor. Everything here has a story behind it. The spa has a very unique combination of relaxation and holistic healing.

I arrived at the spa 2 hours before my treatment. I felt right at home walking into this South American-inspired oasis. I always come to the spa with a plan and prepared. To read about How To Prepare For Your Spa Day click here.


I walked into the locker room where I received my towel, robe and (surprisingly) comfortable sandals. I should mention that you have your own personal spa assistant, who is assigned to explain and show you around the spa and is always nearby if you need help or assistance. My spa assistant was very kind and helpful. She explained to me everything I needed to know.


First, I was given a slice of peeled soap that was made and imported from South Africa in a small golden sound bowl. I head over to the waterfall shower where my spa journey begins. You press which temperature you’d like your waterfall shower to be and start to lather on the soap, making sure you remove all oils and perfumes from your skin.


Next is my favorite part of the wet spa. The Hammam. Completely tiled in heated marble, the Hammam offers just the perfect amount of heat. I found myself quickly de-stressing and falling into a deep relaxation here. The aroma filled the air of jasmine. I started to read my Kundalini book but soon closed it to do a silent meditation as the warmth sank into my muscles releasing any tension.


Adjoining in the Hammam is a steam room with a self-scrub area. The steam room was pleasantly large and was dark but the ceiling lit up like the night sky. I love to steam, I feel like I’m completely detoxing my body and skin. The aroma in here was eucalyptus. After this trip, I bought a eucalyptus spray for my bathroom and I spray it before every shower.


After steaming, you have the option of going into a scrub room for an additional charge where you can add different variations of body scrubs for deep exfoliation.


Next, I hit the sauna. I love the sauna! This was the biggest sauna I’ve been into and smelled like fresh oranges. Saunas are not only great for cleansing your skin, but they also flush toxins, induce a deeper sleep, relaxes muscles and improve cardiovascular performance.


After about 15 minutes in the sauna, I head over to the Ice Parlor. I’ve never been in an ice parlor before. I walked in and immediately felt icy cool that felt so nice after the heat from the sauna. The interplay of hot/cold on the skin is great for your skin, immune system and blood flow. As I walked in, I was given a piece of ice after waving my hand in front of the ice maker.


Now I am cold, so I walk out and lay down on the Tepidarium. This is a warm stone that when you lay on, regulates your body temperature back to normal. This is what the Roman’s used after their hot/cold baths. Tepidariums are decorated with the richest marbles and mosaics.


Enjoying the warmth of the Tepidarium and regulating my body temperature back to normal, I realize I only have about 35 minutes before my massage treatment. At this point, I’m already in complete bliss and relaxation mode.


I head over to the relaxation lounge where mini coconut protein balls and fresh rose tea are presented to me. I relax in the lounge as I wait for my massage therapist to get me.

I received the 50 minute Tierra Santa Masaje de Coco Treatment. In other words the “Oil of Life” treatment. In South America, coconut oil is highly praised for its curative and healing properties.


My massage therapist Ingrid, sat me down prior to our appointment and went over all of my needs and concerns. She laid out 7 different oils representing each chakra in our bodies. I picked the “Third-Eye” Chakra which was lemongrass oil.


Ingrid filled a golden sound bowl with the therapeutic oil and placed it beneath my headrest so I could directly smell and inhale the balancing scent throughout my entire massage.


Ingrid asked me if I would like the curtains opened or closed. Typically I like a dark environment while receiving a spa service, but it was so beautiful outside and the ocean was right outside our door so I decided to leave the curtains open.


Ingrid gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever received using warm and pure virgin coconut oil. She finished by giving me an amazing scalp massage. After the massage, Ingrid pointed out where I held the most tension. She showed me what stretches and yoga poses I could do, along with some deep breathing exercises to help relieve the tension. I really appreciated her attentiveness. She handed me a freshly squeezed juice and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.


On another note, how amazing is the water? All the water here is charged with crystals and the cups are in line with your chakras. I need this!

This was the most invigorating experience. I was on a whole other level of relaxation. This spa is expensive but it is worth every cent.

After I’m done with the best spa day ever, I wrap up and head down to the beach where I meet Milti & friends for hours of beach, ocean, and coconuts. This is a spa I will most definitely be returning to.


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