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Dreams are a timeless place that allows us to listen to our souls. Dreams have many functions. They provide us clues, often in the form of symbols and metaphors, that help us solve the problems of every day life. They aid us in reviewing past events, reminding us of parallels in the present. Dreams may provide pathways to recovering repressed or forgotten memories. Writing down your dreams as soon as you awaken, can significantly enhance your memory. These are my dream journals below, I have been studying and writing down my dreams every day for 2 years now.

Dream Journal | Sleeping Beauty | Why Sleep is So Important

A dream journal includes records of nightly dreams, personal reflections and waking dream experiences. It is often used in the study of dreams and psychology. Dream journals are also used by some people as a way to help induce lucid dreams. There are so many common dreams that are mistaken. For example..

If you dream of losing teeth... Have you ever dreamt of your teeth falling out and woken up only to run into the bathroom to check that they are still in your head? Loose, wiggly, or broken teeth are common dream symbols that point to general anxiety of losing control in your everyday life. They can also point to hidden fears of aging and being unattractive to your sexual partner.

If you dream of water… Water symbolizes the overall state of the subconscious mind. If your dreaming about calm bodies of water, that can reflect inner peace. If your dreaming of rough, choppy water that can suggest unease and instability.

If you dream of sex… Not only guys have dreams about intimacy! Us girls do too! These dreams are pretty straightforward. The meaning is seeking for intimacy and experiencing a literal desire. Sexual based dreams can also mean a desire to explore a new experience in your life.

On average, everyone spends more than two hours every night dreaming. The experiences can have a profound effect on us while we are awake. Dreams can truly tell us things we don’t consciously know about ourselves, and helps us problem solve. I believe the study of my own dreams has helped me deal with grief, heart break, and remaining focused and positive in life. I suggest to everyone to start journaling their experiences and practicing a good night time regimen to calm the soul.

Dream World


I have been reading Carl Jung’s books over the past two years. The basic idea behind Jungian dream theory is that dreams reveal more than they conceal. Jung’s theories has helped me in many ways, and sparked my interest in recording my night travels. Have fun dreaming!

"It’s the possibility of having a dream come true, that makes life interesting.” -The Alchemist