A Day In Woodstock, NY


Ah, Good Ol’ Woodstock. We rode up to Woodstock on the Harley on a perfect summer afternoon. We took all back roads, enjoying the views of the Catskills. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains, people travel from all over to experience the eclectic character and beauty of this bohemian village. In Woodstock, you will find delicious restaurants, awesome shops, and a bunch of free loving-hippies. Tinker Street has a ton of new boutiques filled with great art, gifts, apparel, crystals and home decor. The people, the atmosphere and the vibe here are like no other.

Drum Circle:

Bring your own drum or grab an extra drum available in the circle on Village Green! Experienced drummer or not, express yourself by beating with the community. There was definitely a hypnotizing energy surrounding the drum circle. Channel the beat from your inner self. Drumming is similar to meditation and is done from the inside out. Allow your focus to be in the moment. This reminded me of the drumming we did in Havana,Cuba. To read about Cuba click here.



Both vintage and new, enjoy the shops and boutiques on Tinker Street! The flea markets were also great filled with awesome and eclectic jewelry and apparel. Dharmaware was an awesome store filled with tons of spiritual gifts and decor.


Artist: Prudence Haze; Psychedelic and Visionary Artist

My favorite art is original pieces from local artists. Here you will find tons of great finds and unique pieces to add to your home.



“Help change the world. Feed the hungry, cover the cold, dance with the sick. We need Peace and Love for the little ones. PS. We are all little ones.”



There is so much beauty in Woodstock including fantastic views of the Hudson and surrounding areas in the Catskills. There are countless amounts of hiking spots including Overlook Mountain and Kaaterskill Falls.


My favorite spot to eat here is definitely Cucina. This old farmhouse has been transformed into one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

Phoenicia Diner is also a good option on the less pricy side. The Diner serves the breakfast of your dreams!