Skincare: Under Eyes Q+A

Hi Beauties 💕 Yesterday I did a Q+A and SO MANY OF YOU had similar questions regarding EYE CARE!
Q: Whats your favorite eye cream:
A: I love the new @paulaschoice clinical ceramide-enriched eye cream. The ingredient mixture is a dream. I also use vaseline and sometimes a pump of hylaronic acid.
Q: What can I do for dark circles?
A: Always wear sunglasses when your outside, DO NOT SKIP OUT on SPF 30+ every day, add in a brightening product to your skincare routine such as @paulaschoice pure radiance skin brightening treatment or @skinceuticals C + E Serum, try skin-lightening products on the dark spot such as 2% hydroquinone ( @paulaschoice has a good one, I use it for my melasma spot on my forehead), Look for ingredients with niacin, vitamin C, kojic acid, and retinol. Retinol will help to build your own collagen over time to minimize the appearance of fine lines too… also check if you have allergies… sometimes taking an over-the-counter antihistamine can help your allergies and sinuses which can be a secret culprit to dark circles and puffiness. Also, be sure that your drinking a lot of water throughout the day and eating anti-oxidant rich foods.
Q: What is the best makeup to cover purple under-eye circles that are genetic?
A: I personally love @tartecosmeticsshape tape concealer, however, a LITTLE goes a LONG way. This tube will last you a long time. @lauramercierand @itcosmetics also have great under-eye concealer.
Q: How do I apply concealer to my dark circles correctly?
A: Ok FIRST you want to prep your eyes using a light weight eye gel (I like to keep mine in the refrigerator so it acts as a cold compress and restricts those tiny blue veins) let your eye gel or moisturizer dry and absorb for about 2 minutes. Then if your wearing foundation or a CC cream apply that FIRST before the concealer. Therefore, you’re already going to be using less concealer. Then with a tiny flat brush your going to apply the concealer in your inner corners where darkness hides and gently around your dark circles. Use your fingers to dab, pat, and tap the product into your eyes. DO NOT RUB or use a blender or brush to rub the product in because this will remove some of the product and sheer out the concealer making your circles even worse. Do not put concealer near your “crows feet” because it will crease and make your fine lines noticeable. Focus on the inner corners and to about mid-way point of your under eye. Optional: You can use a blank eyeshadow brush to gently apply a loose powder. The smaller the brush the better.
Q: Is an eye cream necessary?
A: Nope. If you have a great moisturizer and no concerns with your under-eyes then no. You can use something as simple as Vaseline.
Q: My eyes are always swollen in the morning. Help!
A: Cut down on alcohol, make sure you are getting 7-8 hrs of sleep, sleep elevated with 2 pillows, + again, make sure you don’t have allergies! You can also wet green tea bags and put it in the refrigerator over night, apply them cold onto your eyelids in the morning and the coldness and the antioxidants will help depuff your eyes! You can also use your handy dandy Jade Roller and gently massage around your eyes for some lymphatic drainage. I also recommend drinking enough water, sleeping with a humidifier, and investing in a silk eye mask and pillowcase. X