Ok, so what’s really your full story? 

*more to come here*

Are you accepting new artists, stylists, interns, or hiring?

We are always looking to add the right person to our growing team. For information on applying, please email Alexandria.Gilleo@yahoo.com

How can we partner or collaborate?

I am very open to collaborations and partnerships, however, I need to make sure that the brand/client is aligned with my beliefs and brand. I will not promote something, I don’t personally use or believe in, as maintaining the integrity of my brand is extremely important.

Where did you get a degree?

I dropped out of college after 3 days, therefore, earning no degree. I have a high school education. I went to cosmetology school soon after at Capri in Newburgh, NY. 

Where are your products made?

MUAH by Alexandria products are made in Germany. 

Are there parabens in your products?

Our products are produced without the use of parabens.

Does your brand test on animals?

No! We are a cruelty-free brand and love our furry friends. 

What is your skin care routine?

It’s different almost every day, but it is very minimal and simple. 


  1. Rinse with warm water

  2. Jade roll

  3. Serum

  4. Moisturizer with SPF


  1. Cleanse 

  2. Toner 

  3. Serum or Treatment

  4. Moisturize