Spring Cleaning with cleaner + safer products

You know I love a good de-clutter + Spring cleaning situation. But this year I wanted to make sure it’s in a SUPER eco-friendly way. I’m doing away with plastic and harmful ingredients and incorporating more sustainable products in my home and life. For example:
- I’ve switched to aluminum-free deodorant
- Switched to organic tampons
- Switched plastic for paper
- Stopped buying paper towels in place of a reusable washable cloth
- I’ve donated most of my clothing
- I’ve switched out a lot of products for cleaner ingredients including shampoos, hand soaps, dish soap, etc.
- Bought metal straws to replace plastic straws - And I finally found an awesome plant-based and eco-friendly home cleaning brand @supernaturalclean
I’ve totally fallen in love with @supernaturalclean eco-friendly, plant based line of cleaning products which smell fresh, woodsy, and citrusy that are V safe, completely effective, and have NO toxic chemicals. I listened to a podcast recently that said there are statistics that show there are more than 2,000 cleaning products in stores that have ingredients that are extremely harmful and linked to health issues. GIRL BYEEEE.
First, let’s talk packaging. As soon as I received my package I was absolutely blown AWAY by the sustainable packaging. Your girl is all about BRANDING and PACKAGING and this company really went above and beyond. They even included a cute crystal and lavender pouch.
I have replaced all my other cleaning products with @supernaturalclean and it really is a game changer for me and want to know THE BEST PART? They are giving a lucky person a STARTER SET for FREE. This company is so generous and offered to give someone from my IG audience a starter kit ($75 worth) which includes:
- 4 reusable glass spray bottles
- 4 conscious concentrate vials one for glass, one for bath, one for wood, and one for counters
Exciting right? I know. All you have to do is give them a follow, like this post, and comment with your favorite ECO-FRIENDLY tip. Sending you love x Alexandria