Hey Dewy Humidifier

I’ve met my skin’s best friend. #HeyDewy #Giveaway CLOSED
I always sleep with a big humidifier in my bedroom at night but found something cute, small, portable, and chic to help keep my skin’s glow through out the day. Meet my new BFF @heydewy. This is not an ad by the way, I just am obsessed with beauty gadgets that actually work. I’ve been using this little guy for almost 2 weeks now and the results are fabulous.
Q: What’s the benefits of a humidifier?
A: Helps with dry eyes and sinuses, adds moisture to the air, purifies and cools the air around you, allergy-friendly, helps with dry skin, keeps your skin dewy and hydrated.
Q: What makes this specific one my new BFF?
A: It’s portable! It plugs into my laptop while I’m working or my car while I’m driving my long commutes and fits right in the cup holder.
- Do not put essential oils in your humidifier
- Switch out the water daily
- Use purified or distilled water
- Wipe and clean out with microfiber cloth every week
To enter to win a @heydewy humidifier tag two friends who love beauty in the comments. Winner will be announced Wednesday!
Do you use a humidifier? What is your skin’s BFF? x Alex