1:1 coaching

who is this for?

This program is designed to help the woman who needs help to:

  • Learn how to manifest

  • Learn beauty and makeup advice + regimens

  • Learn how to heal your skin and get put on a regimen + routine that is customized to make your feel like your best glowing self

  • Discover new friendships + get rid of toxic relationships that drain you

  • Discover healing, beauty, and wellness rituals from the ancient Goddesses in Greek, Indian, Asian, Egyptian + more cultures from around the world

  • Create a healthy lifestyle with recipes to keep you healthy, happy, + GLOWING

  • Learn basics of meditation and discover the science of breath work

  • Master the Law of Attraction

  • Rewire your brain + Rewrite YOUR story

what can i expect from the session?

This 7-week mentorship program will guide you to heal your limiting beliefs and own the confidence to DO and BE who + what you’ve been dreaming of while feeling your best by wearing your best skin and makeup possible! I’m devoted to helping you remember who you truly are. With my coaching help, you can arise and uncover unseen possibilities. I will provide you with tips and knowledge to show you how to heal your skin, get you on a skincare regimen that is best for you, strengthen your mind, connect to your purpose, and help guide you to create a healthy and happy life bringing out your ultimate best self. I'll guide you to build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day. My aim is to leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

My job is to tell you what most people won’t, I'm part cheerleader and part tough love coach.

The unique sessions include a safe and supportive environment to fine-tune your goals. If you're ready for long term change and excited to create a life that you LOVE, then it's time to get started!

what my clients have to say